Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Attitude-Makes the Difference

Earlier i was talking about Innovation, Now this article i wish to give you a few tips regarding, how innovation can work.
The factor behind innovation is nothing but attitude. The attitude to take up challenges. The attitude to face problems. The attitude of owning responsibility. Attitude is nothing but the mind set. Hope you understand now why its important. If assuming you dont have the mindset to achieve something, if you dont have the mindset to face problems, if you lack the mindset to take risks, even if you have the Innovative Idea, yet it would loose steam.
Also, your attitude towards others defines your success.
1)Don’t see the problems as other’s, look at it as yours and help each other to achieve the goal.

2)Share your learning and experience effectively and grow with the team and not as an individual

3)Be matured to accept the mistakes and do not repeat again

4)Don’t think of whose mistake is this, instead first work on resolving the problem, then share the learning with rest of the Team, so that none in the Team repeat the same

5)Don’t give room for emotional feelings or loose your temper

6)See It, Own It, Do It and Communicate It

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